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gentoo main window screenshotgentoo 0.20.x, for GTK+ 3

This is the home page for gentoo, the GTK+ file manager. The current release series of gentoo is called 0.20.x. It requires the 3.x series of the GTK+ toolkit, which is the current stable version as of mid-2013.

This page was written by Emil Brink, original author, and still sole maintainer, of gentoo.

A screenshot of gentoo's main window


Some of gentoo's main features include:


gentoo is Free Software, you can download gentoo's source code. Many Linux distributions provide gentoo as a packaged application, so check your favorite or build it yourself from the source code. The author does not distribute pre-compiled versions, only source.


Here are some useful or interesting links about gentoo:

Report a Bug!

If you find a problem with gentoo that you would like to see fixed, please report it in the bug tracker on SourceForge. Feedback is very much welcome; it helps ensure continued support and maintenance.

Previously, bugs were best reported through e-mail directly to the author. That has limited tracking and no transparency or visibility, so please use the bug tracker instead. Thanks.